Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Devils Nite 2

Idk there may be numerous blogs revolving around Devils Nite since there is soooo much going on.  But I thought I would at least start putting some thoughts together for the first night.  As the hot tub slowly fills behind me, I think back on the many perks of today.  The first scene that I watched today, was OMG hot!!

It started out with Ruby Violence and Deborah Ann playing the parts of some very very naughty girls.  They strip each other down and play with each  others sexy tits, and of course...wet pussies.  LOL, that is until Cassy, their very strict Mistress comes in to catch them in the act!!! She punishes them severely, making them take turns licking each others pussies and NOT CUM!!!  Omg, I can't even express to you how hot that scene was, EVERYONE in the room was just enraptured. This was Cassies first scene, and she totally rocked it!!

On Friday, I got to watch the Beautiful HippieMP do a photo shoot for J.  Hippie was awesome, if she was nervous at all, she totally didn't show it.  hehe, when Hippie arrived at the hotel her hair was an interesting shade of blue, I had to pick up black dye for her at the store, and man oh man, she rocks that black hair.  So sexy. 

When Hippie was done with her shoot I was lucky enough to slip into my pirate wench outfit and do a quick photo set with her.  I think the photos turned out very well and you'll be able to see them next week on my site, :D

Speaking of Hippie, she brought her man Logan along.  I mean, we all knew Logan was going to hang out and whatever, but I have to give him props.  He brought along HIS camera gear and turned out to be an invaluable member of the team.  He took some awesome photos, both behind the scene pics and pics that would totally work on someones website.  He did an OUTSTANDING job and I want to give him a big shout out and say Thank you!!! 

So, let's see....on Saturday, Illianna arrived, she drove in with her husband for the fun and photos.  I believe that her first scene of the day was a hot girl girl starp on scene with Indigo Augustine, who I have not mentioned yet, but is a gorgeous girl and a sweety as well.  Their scene was super sexy and you could totally tell that they were very much enjoying themselves, hehe. 

OMG, before their scene started, our AWESOME webmaster arrived!! We invited Buxombbws, cuz we thought it would be awesome to finally meet him and hang out for a bit.  And we were right!! Buxom is a very down to earth guy, smart, funny and was a blast to chill with and watch scenes play out.  Can't wait to hang with him next year!!

Ok I need to gather my thoughts for another entry, lol...In the mean time, enjoy the pics!!

Jdevil and HippieMp

Cassie Moore
Cassie Moore, Deborahannxxx and Ruby Violence

Friday, February 11, 2011

Hmmm How all of this PORN started...

Well lets gooooo back ,In a galaxy FAR FAR away ..oh wait wrong movie.I personaly started as just a hobbiest photo in school,loved working with wildlife and scenic work.(Got published in Field@stream at

BUT then came senior yr and after ,well I started hitting strip clubs when i was 16(My dad took me, Come ON ,its father son day) So I was still hitting them all the time ,hell dating some of the girls.AND one thing i learned is that well GIRLS like to have their pic taken...SO it began from shooting girlfriends to other girls in the clubs to hell shooting for the clubs..Then one day i was shooting a few girls and was hit up buy a guy,(NO NAME GIVEN) to come work with him..I checked it out..PORN ...COOL it started I was taking care of photo and then vid work for Company P,I was livivg the dream of a
NOW granted Candace at this time was VERY self conscience of herself and our relationship..HELL I snuck porn mags and hid got caught) She would always compair herself to the girls in the mag and then I would try to assure her its just porn and jerking off NO BIG..
SO starting this work brought up all kinds of fights..BUT money is money and she started to see it was just work and i wasnt banging the girls or anything..SO it settled ..

FAST Forward a few years...Myself and company P started not getting along,They were into the drugs and other parts that can come into this industry and me..HELL I just wanted to shoot pretty girls..SO after a long dragged out fight ,I got out of my contract with them..ANd it was the end...But was it..

Well after some time to reflect and ALOT of talking with Candace ,I decided to go on my own! Use my real nickname and well do what I like to shoot,my way,my style and just have fun,not worry if someone will like it or not just enjoy what i do..So I Opened JDEVIL Productions.
Now in the beginning I only took pics of the models ,I only shot still erotica .Candace was always with me ,granted she stayed in the corner and made sure no camera ever came near her..(FUNNY I KNOW)
Now this is 2001-2003 Im just taking pics of great girls,and LEARNING alot ! And Candace is like the house mom,staying behind scenes helping the girls and helping me.Now Fast forward a couple yrs..Now Candace and I are becoming a even stronger couple,,we love each other and we make things work,..Now I have this Idea of starting to also do video with my stuff,and we had ALOT more talks..But I started doing Vid,Mostly G/G or solo but I got my hands on models for bdsm shoots and such and things were going great...

So now its late 2005 ,and I have a two girl shoot booked and well like it happens all the time models don't show up at the last min,well one of them well she was a twisted beauty and looked at my wife and said HEY you can shoot with the look of horror on Candaces face i still remember.But this was just a still shoot and after a bit of coaxing the model got her to agree..HOLY SHIT ! Now the shoot went on with plenty of giggles and funny moments but candace was coming out of her shell a bit,and well i was enjoying the fuck out of shooting my wife .Now after the shoot Candace decided ok she had fun and maybe taking pictures would be ok........ and well CHARLIE ANGEL was born...

Now time went by and well Candace Bloomed..she got more and more and more into all of this ,,YES a MONSTER was born!

NOw She was getting into video and well I was getting heavier and heavier also...

NOW more time past and well Charlie Changed her name after a couple sites and dvd's..some whole problem with searches not going right and me ..well I stayed the same twisted bastard i always was and now we get to share our adventures...

Now You have JDEVIL and Candace Moon ! Still together just now doing more and more as a couple..Needless to say ,,Candace isnt the shy self conscience girl she used to be and me well after art books dvd's sites and down sites and now one main site and still filming shooting being the pervert i always was...we are HAPPy ,We have learned many lessons over the yrs,but we know that in the end we have each other and to live our lives the way we want,we still hold hands and everything....So I hope u enjoyed this entry about onto the future ...

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Well time for the Hubby to chime in..

When Candace came up with this idea of a blog for both of us,I thought it was pretty cool.Granted I have blogs and well I never do much on them but hell I will try to stick it out on

So as u read from the first post ,Candace and I are married ,and well work in the adult industry.Not a big deal right?,well the time we have together and still going kinda shocks some,but really we are best friends ,lovers and well No matter what girl i work with or fuck or anything,Candace is who I come home too..
Yup thats right I fuck and work with other women,which I'm sure most already thats it,its work,(FUN WORK ) but work.Candace and i were together yrs ago when my stuff started to take off,she wasnt in the field at the time but was always behind the scenes,so she learned and watched and well she hopped into it.Now we have boundaries on what we do ,but these are for US,we keep a couple things .
Now don't get me wrong ,everything is not perfect,we have our days..Not many but we do .The funny thing is I can't remember the last time we had an arguement over porn..its always home stuff ( I am a guy ,Hate doing dishes) .

Now On how we work,well the wifey has her stuff and I have mine,two different themes and looks to our work ,but we do work together for each other now and then.Now with my shoots,I always liked having Canda on set,it actually made me more comfortable.I'm not doing this to get some ass or cheat or anything like that,I do this cause one its fun and I get to live out a fantasy or two and show my work and two well Its porn,it does make
Now for years I always had a close friend who helped with all my video work,(kinda hard to film while in scene) on scenes that I was participating in.This past year He wasnt able to make a shoot and Candace took the reigns,well she did awesome and loved doing it,and well she let me know on how well she got off to it,,SOOOO  she has been filming those scenes since..LOL..Come on, tell me its not HOT that my wife gets off to filming me with other girls..(Poor me right) 
So now Candace and i are going to blog about the little things our life together in this industry shows us and the funny to just down right naughty things that happen.So stay tuned and hope those of you that follow along with us enjoy...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Who Are We?

I guess one of the first things we should talk about is who we are.  I know that a lot of you know us already, but I'm sure some don't.  My name is Candace Moon, and I am married to Jdevil.  We have been married for, ohhh lets see....7 years, and we have actually been together for 16 years.  Yikes, I'm getting old!! lol

I have my own website, and J has his own site,  Yes, we do porn.  We have been in the industry for many years and have loved it for many more.  I think one of the things that makes us unusual is that we have been together for so long.  Sometimes you hear stories about people in the adult industry having a hard time having a lasting relationship.  Some say it's impossible to have both.  

I don't think that it's impossible, but I definitely think that this industry complicates many things.  Jdevil and I were already together when we decided we were going to venture into this adult arena.  We talked very openly about limitations and comfort levels, so that there were no surprises later.  And to this day, we continue that conversation.  We renegotiate and discuss everything.  

We plan to use this blog as a way for you to get a peek inside our lives.  Both at our regular lives, and our behind the scenes lives.  Ask us questions, make comments, suggest topics for us to write about...both Jdevil and I will be blogging here, so you'll get insight from both of our view points.  

So, until next time!!