Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Who Are We?

I guess one of the first things we should talk about is who we are.  I know that a lot of you know us already, but I'm sure some don't.  My name is Candace Moon, and I am married to Jdevil.  We have been married for, ohhh lets see....7 years, and we have actually been together for 16 years.  Yikes, I'm getting old!! lol

I have my own website, and J has his own site,  Yes, we do porn.  We have been in the industry for many years and have loved it for many more.  I think one of the things that makes us unusual is that we have been together for so long.  Sometimes you hear stories about people in the adult industry having a hard time having a lasting relationship.  Some say it's impossible to have both.  

I don't think that it's impossible, but I definitely think that this industry complicates many things.  Jdevil and I were already together when we decided we were going to venture into this adult arena.  We talked very openly about limitations and comfort levels, so that there were no surprises later.  And to this day, we continue that conversation.  We renegotiate and discuss everything.  

We plan to use this blog as a way for you to get a peek inside our lives.  Both at our regular lives, and our behind the scenes lives.  Ask us questions, make comments, suggest topics for us to write about...both Jdevil and I will be blogging here, so you'll get insight from both of our view points.  

So, until next time!!


  1. next month I'm going to be part of this blog aren't I? LOL just make sure the pictures of me you post are.........flattering. :)

  2. Thanks Athame!!

    @Jupaman haha yes you will...we will do our best :D