Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Devils Nite 2

Idk there may be numerous blogs revolving around Devils Nite since there is soooo much going on.  But I thought I would at least start putting some thoughts together for the first night.  As the hot tub slowly fills behind me, I think back on the many perks of today.  The first scene that I watched today, was OMG hot!!

It started out with Ruby Violence and Deborah Ann playing the parts of some very very naughty girls.  They strip each other down and play with each  others sexy tits, and of course...wet pussies.  LOL, that is until Cassy, their very strict Mistress comes in to catch them in the act!!! She punishes them severely, making them take turns licking each others pussies and NOT CUM!!!  Omg, I can't even express to you how hot that scene was, EVERYONE in the room was just enraptured. This was Cassies first scene, and she totally rocked it!!

On Friday, I got to watch the Beautiful HippieMP do a photo shoot for J.  Hippie was awesome, if she was nervous at all, she totally didn't show it.  hehe, when Hippie arrived at the hotel her hair was an interesting shade of blue, I had to pick up black dye for her at the store, and man oh man, she rocks that black hair.  So sexy. 

When Hippie was done with her shoot I was lucky enough to slip into my pirate wench outfit and do a quick photo set with her.  I think the photos turned out very well and you'll be able to see them next week on my site, :D

Speaking of Hippie, she brought her man Logan along.  I mean, we all knew Logan was going to hang out and whatever, but I have to give him props.  He brought along HIS camera gear and turned out to be an invaluable member of the team.  He took some awesome photos, both behind the scene pics and pics that would totally work on someones website.  He did an OUTSTANDING job and I want to give him a big shout out and say Thank you!!! 

So, let's see....on Saturday, Illianna arrived, she drove in with her husband for the fun and photos.  I believe that her first scene of the day was a hot girl girl starp on scene with Indigo Augustine, who I have not mentioned yet, but is a gorgeous girl and a sweety as well.  Their scene was super sexy and you could totally tell that they were very much enjoying themselves, hehe. 

OMG, before their scene started, our AWESOME webmaster arrived!! We invited Buxombbws, cuz we thought it would be awesome to finally meet him and hang out for a bit.  And we were right!! Buxom is a very down to earth guy, smart, funny and was a blast to chill with and watch scenes play out.  Can't wait to hang with him next year!!

Ok I need to gather my thoughts for another entry, lol...In the mean time, enjoy the pics!!

Jdevil and HippieMp

Cassie Moore
Cassie Moore, Deborahannxxx and Ruby Violence